We have a production plant

with a holding capacity of 15 million liters.

Who We Are

Garbin Estate is a winery that was founded in 1978 by Carlos Garbin, who had the visionary dream to establish one of the most important wineries of the region. His son, Alejandro Garbin, sharing his same passion, has become the head of this legendary winery.

Our extraordinary installations can be found in San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina. The plant is equipped with machinery of the latest technology that produces wines of high quality assuring a constant supply during times of high demand.

Currently we have different lines of wines on the shelves of countries like the United States of America, Chine, Italy, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru. This is how we grow and better our global participation every day.

We package and commercialize the wines Marques del Sur, Viejo Rincón, Viñas y Parrales, Cavas don Carlos, Finca don Carlos, Desigual, Marques de la Patagonia, Alonkura, Viñas del Tango, Chateau Garbín, Pico de Oro y Concilio, through a vast network of distributors.

All processes are constantly controlled via our quality control department assuring the wines can always be trusted.


We are excellence and vanguard

Last, but not least, of our latest technological advances, we have incorporated a cooler the objective of which is to manage the quality of the final product. What´s more, we have the infrastructure necessary to adequately meet normal demand, [...]

We have the latest technology

We have two packaging lines: We have a bottling line for glass bottles in sizes 700cc., 750 cc., 1.125 cc y 1.500 cc that includes a semiautomatic de-palletizer, a rinse process for better cleanliness of the bottles, an inert-gas [...]

Capacity and Unparalleled quality

We package and commercialize our varietal wines under bottled lines: Marques del Sur, Viejo Rincón, Viñas y Parrales, Cavas don Carlos, Finca don Carlos, Desigual, Marques de la Patagonia, and Chateau Garbín. In tetrabrik Pico De Oro and Concilio [...]

The company has an ample amount of storage capacity and its own logistical network.
It has federal distribution, with coverage throughout the country
and a door-to-door service that is winery-to-client.




Garbin Estate in the World

Currently we have different lines of wine on the shelves of different countries such as the United States of America, China, Italy, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

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San Rafael. Emblem of Argentine Wine

WINERY : Castelli 1331, CP 5600, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina – Tel.: +54 0260 4430020





Castelli 1331 – (CP 5600)
San Rafael – Mendoza – Argentina
Tel.: +54 0260 4430020
Fax: +54 0260 442