We have two packaging lines:

We have a bottling line for glass bottles in sizes 700cc., 750 cc., 1.125 cc y 1.500 cc that includes a semiautomatic de-palletizer, a rinse process for better cleanliness of the bottles, an inert-gas injector that injects nitrogen in order to protect our bottles, and a 20 head filler that fills 4000 bottles per hour. This line packages all our ample portfolio of products and we have the flexibility for the incorporation of pilfer caps, synthetic corks, and natural corks. Our packaging line has a Complex capping machine and PVC dies for different presentations. It also has labeling machine with two heads for labeling the bottles as well as a brand-new boxer to give the correct finish to the product.

All our productive processes come to an end with optimum warehousing over the course of 48 hours in order to microbiologically control the wines, as well as control que quality of our products, the result of which assures an excellent wine for our consumers.

Packaging line in multi-laminated boxes of one-liter Tetra Pack TBA-8 with a packaging capacity of 6,000 liters per hour of the different brands of wines (Pico de Oro y Concilio).